Compensation Consulting

What we offer

We provide advice on law firms’ profit sharing or compensation systems.  This could be a review of your current system, an adjustment or modification of your system or working with you to develop an entirely new system.

Why choose us

Profit sharing is a subject close to the heart of every partner.  The compensation system will drive behaviour, enable or hinder the recruitment of new talent, help retain partners or cause them to leave the firm.  Ultimately the way in which profits are shared between partners goes to the very heart of a firm and can determine its success or failure.
We can help. We have experience of the effects of compensation systems and the process of running them.  This extends to the perspectives of management, individual partners and also potential joiners. 

How we work

We will meet you and listen to you to understand your objectives.  With your permission we usually like to meet one on one with a selection of partners on a confidential basis to obtain their feedback.  It is almost impossible for management to do this in a meaningful way because of pre-existing history or the inhibitions of the partners.  We will then provide you with a confidential report on our findings together with our suggestions for your consideration.