Career Consulting

What we offer

Many lawyers are not entirely happy with their careers. The rewards are high but the hours are long and the job is stressful. They may be in the wrong firm or in the wrong career. Alternatively, they may be in the right firm and simply need to re-appraise their situation or adjust their role. We offer a personalised and confidential advice service.  We can also provide mentoring and support.
Life is short so make sure you enjoy your career!

Why choose us

Our founder, Scott Pearman, had a successful career in an international law firm holding down a demanding management role and a client practice.  Our experience will enable us to help you whether your objective is to move up at your current firm, change firms or to get greater control of your work/life balance.
Our approach will give you a fresh perspective.

How we help

We would like to meet you informally on a confidential basis for you and us to be sure we can help you.  There would be no charge for this initial meeting.  If we can both see that further meetings will help then we will agree a course of action with you.  This may involve coaching or mentoring or simply further informal meetings.

Even the initial free consultation may give you a new positive outlook.